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Tigers, tigers, burning bright...

This is Day 12 of the "Naked Woman In My Cube That Nobody Has Complained About" mystery. I've had this picture up in my cube since the beginning of the month, since it's the July painting on the Dali calendar I have, and it's purely amazing to me that none of the managers or supervisors have come by to complain about it. Why do I find this amazing? Because the Evil Banking Neighbor disapproves of such mildly erotic things as the Sarah Michelle Gellar "got milk?" wallpaper and the very tasteful pic of Kodachi Kuno reclining in her Ohtori Academy uniform that adorned my PC for some months. (Work with me here, people.)

Ah, well. The place has emptied out and I'm about to bail myself so I can catch the 597 home. Work ground to a halt around 3 PM as usual, but I managed to kill time by going over to Office Depot for new CD mailers and chatting with windelina in the Gaviidae for a while on my way back to work. Turns out she works practically next door, for a law firm that rents space in the Downtown Home of the Evil Banking Neighbor. Between that and the obligatory long break spent at Dunn Brothers, I killed a lot of time away from my desk.

And now to catch a bus, so I can get home and see when chibitoaster wants to see Spider-Man 2.
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