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I got my textbooks, my clipboard, lead me to the station...

Well, it looks like one of the five Praxis II exams I want to take (probably Business Education) is going to go by the boards, since three of the four tests are two-hour tests given in the first testing session, Business Ed would be #4, and I really don't want to wait until the end of April to be taking any of these. I suppose I could hurry up and register online for the tests on the 16th of this month, but I want to do a little more reading and brushing up on the two target languages of mine that Virginia requires a test for (German and Spanish) before I take any of the tests, so that's not going to happen.

I also need to get copies of my Metro State transcript sent off to Richmond and St. Mary's. Evidently when I registered with the latter, I forgot to take care of that minor detail. It's probably pointless to do it now, but it can't hurt.
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