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You know it burns all night

Any day that you wake up to an extra $3800 in your checking account is a good day. I spent about a hour this morning whacking away at various bills and debts, ordering the textbook for my children's lit class from half.com, and ordering a Palm TX to replace the dead Zire. I had been thinking about going for the Tungsten E or the E2, but the integral wifi on the TX was too seductive to ignore. I also invested forty bucks in a hard case, just to be on the safe side. Once that gets here early next week I should be much better about staying on top of things, and not need to lug Cowzilla around so much.

There was a brief rush of work right after I got in, but now I'm in the slow part of the morning. I expect after I get back from recharging my Caribou card that the folks on the Left Coast will have sent me some more work. I hope so, anyway...otherwise I'll have to haul out the Post-it notes and have at the procedures manual, which I'm not looking forward to.
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