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Big man of steel behind the steering wheel

Slept in yesterday, did breakfast at the St. Paul Broiler with P, and then did a brief walkaround at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront. The layout is a bit quirky, and we couldn't see most of the function space since the basement was locked down, but it certainly looks every bit as big as the listings on the hotel website would lead you to believe. We picked up a packet of info from the front desk and headed over to hang out with stuckintraffik, who showed us DeadRising before engaging P at Dead or Alive IV (the jiggle factor is every bit as lifelike/gratuitous as advertised) and showing off Smash TV and a fun little space station sim. We then headed off to the Q for dinner, and then went back so that P could experience the weirdness of the Venture Brothers.

Stayed up way too late playing Civicrack, listening to the Root of All Evil's broadcast from the State Fair ("Right across from the Haunted House, next to the Goat Barn - half-pretty half-naked girls standing by to take your calls!") and then retiring to bed to reread Paglia's Sex, Art and American Culture.

Today P and I will be going out in the rain to get drugs, do some shopping, and who knows what else. Not listening to the Twins for sure, as they get stomped by the hated Yankees 10-1 and slipslide out of the AL Central and wild-card races. My fantasy team languishes in fifth, because most of my starting pitchers are either on the DL or ought to be.
Tags: anime detour, baseball, domestic stuff
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