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Throwaway lines often ring true

Last night was pretty much wasted - couldn't get the wireless to cooperate and I didn't feel like moving Cowzilla back to the living room, so absolutely nothing productive was accomplished, and if you sent me mail, I'm sorry but I didn't see it. I probably won't until tonight. Well, I suppose being prone for most of the evening did me some physical good, but any benefits were imperceptible.

Finally won a Civicrack conquest scenario, leading the Hojo (and their 28 flavors of sushi) to a Domination victory in the Sengoku scenario. I'm trying it again with a different clan at the next higher level of difficulty and have already been wiped out once, but I think I'll be able to pull it off again.

If some of you are wondering where the post about That Hotel and its thumbfingered customer relations went, well, I was asked to lock it, and did so out of deference to the person asking. This does not mean I'm going to start censoring myself or watching what I say on here; it should be very clear to all and sundry that when I post on here I am not posting with my Anime Detour or Anime Twin Cities hats on. I have no authority to speak for either one of those, any more than I do for the Evil Banking Neighbor. All opinions are my own, and I would hope my friends know me well enough to find their balls (actual or metaphorical) and tell me to my face when they think I've said something I shouldn't. I'm okay with people doing that. On the other hand, if you're going to go whine to someone else that you don't like what I posted, it's going to lower my estimation of you from "friend" towards "gutless, backstabbing twerp" every time it happens. That's why I leave the comments open 99% of the time, people. Use them.
Tags: anime detour, tech stuff, wargames
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