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Expecting to fly, waiting to fall

Life is being a tad awkward at the moment. I'm short on sleep - for some reason, in spite of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I could not get to sleep until around 0100 - and the situation with St. Mary's has me more than a little on edge. What I do over the next year depends heavily on whether they decide to boot me out or let me hang around taking courses, and I have no way of knowing which way the asociate dean is going to jump. For that matter, I haven't gotten a formal notification of my fall from academic grace yet, or any kind of acknowledgement that my Social Studies Methods instructor got my (late) work. Things are very much up in the air, and it makes me uneasy, because my financial affairs are rather tightly wired into my academic affairs at the moment.

So I don't know whether this morning's visit from the black dog is a real appreciation of just how bad things are, a mild bout of depression, or just me being emo. Well, I suppose I can strike the last one, since I do have some real problems here. Nothing to do for it but to keep slogging forward and try to wrap up the reading & writing for Adolescent Psych this week so I have one less thing to worry about.

Arcana has moved up a week to September 29-October 1, which should make chebutykin happy since it no longer conflicts with the MCBA Fallcon. Unfortunately it still overlaps the Twin Cities Marathon, but I guess it can't be helped. That'll be my last convention until Detour next year, or possibly Marscon depending on how things work out. Also at the end of September, P should be moved into her new place, wherever that will be, and we'll need to have the Registration and Hotel budgets done for Detour.

I'll be 47 in October. *shrug*

The Convergence programming brainstorm session traditionally takes place in November.

P has been talking about us possibly going home to Washington for Christmas, or sometime in December, anyway; again, we'll see how that goes. I certainly have the PTO for it: right now I'm sitting on eight days' worth of leave, although I'm sure a couple days of that will be lost to doctors' appointments and illness. In the meantime, the Registration workload should be picking up and going into high gear towards the end of December. I want to have badge art ready by the end of that month as well.

January and February: more thrashing on registration for Detour, along with continual massaging of the Covnergence programming grid.

March: Possibly Marscon, though if 2007 is anything like 2005 and 2006, probably not. Detour at the end of the month.

April-June: At this point I should have at least one job offer from one or another of the various school systems in Virginia, and will be making arrangements to do the interviews or whatever's needed. Ongoing programming work for Convergence.

July: Convergence. Recovery from Convergence. Locking up a teaching job. Getting ready to move, giving notice at the Evil Banking Neighbor.

August: Beginning of the school year someplace in Virginia. If the school year starts late enough, possibly Anime Iowa in its new digs, but that's kinda doubtful.
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