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Underwater, unaware

Pigged out a little last night but not too much; an extra sandwich and a few hot dogs didn't have all that much impact on the calorie count, even with the cheese. Spent most of the evening in the bedroom finishing Weber & Ringo's March Upcountry and starting March to the Sea before deciding to nod out early. This was due to P falling ill with dysentery, food poisoning, cholera or something that gave her the screaming hypervelocity shits. Understandably, she wanted to be left alone & in peace in the dark, so I indulged her.

She stayed home today and I might as well have; this has been an unspeakably boring & useless morning at the Evil Banking Neighbor. I did write my appeal letter to the Associate Dean, though, and hopefully he'll decide "What the hell, we can use the money" and let me stick around for another couple of semesters. It's not like I'm asking them for a recommendation. I just want to get the courses under my belt, take the Praxis II exams, and shuffle off to Virginia after nailing down a job in some low-rent corner of the Commonwealth. Worst comes to worst, there's always Nevada, I suppose. It would beat the hell out of Baltimore.
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