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Not happy, John

Well, after being all buddy-buddy with Dubya these last few years, it looks like the Senior Senator from Arizona decided to take a leaf from the Stalwarts' playbook and stick it to the President on the Iraq War. This kind of attention-whore, media suckup behavior is what put so many of us Republican voters off McCain in the first place, to say nothing of his pissing on the First Amendment, screwing around with judicial nominations, and his grandstanding on torture. It shouldn't surprise anyone who pays attention to either the movement conservatives or the hard libertarians that McCain has next to no support from the GOP base. The only people he's tried to keep happy in his time in Washington are the Washington press corps, and we all know what the base thinks of Helen Thomas & Company. He can try to lock up all the state-level operatives he wants, but when push comes to shove in 2008 he's not going anywhere at the polls.

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