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Mixing it up

So I finally got around to changing the mix of stuff on the Carbon, for only the second time since I bought it. Stripped out a lot of tracks by Cake, The Donnas, Phil Manzanera and other bands that I'd been skipping past lately, added some Springsteen, Who, Al Green, Butthole Surfers, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Motley Crue and other stuff...peeled out more than I thought I had, in fact, and wound up rooting through a box of CDs that turned out to be mostly empty cases but did have some surprises.

There are 23 bands that have more than ten songs on my Carbon. Some of them won't surprise anyone, but others, well...

31: James McMurtry. What can I say? He's The Man.
25: Jason & The Scorchers
19: Rob Zombie. Actually tied with McMurtry if you add in the 12 White Zombie cuts further down the list.
18: Devo
17: Blondie, Bruce Springsteen, Cake, and Cracker.
14: Johnny Cash, Republica, U2, Ultravox, and Vince Giordano.
13: Phil Manzanera. If you add in the 12 Roxy Music cuts down there with the White Zombie, Phil has 25 pieces on here.
12: David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Roxy Music, The Donnas, White Zombie.
11: Apollo 440, Judas Priest, and The Who.
10: Son Volt.

There'll probably be some more Who and Roxy Music added to this, as well as some more Springsteen as soon as I can find that damn CD with "Pink Cadillac" on it. Probably some more Van Halen as well, since I know there are songs I liked that didn't make it onto the "Best Of" compilation. Unfortunately, since all the Jason & The Scorchers CDs are out of print, I'll probably never be able to add "Shotgun Blues" and other tunes off Still Standing or Lost and Found. Oh, well.

And so to bed...
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