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Seven by seven

Ganked from Cobb.
List seven things that happened in your life seven years ago.

1. Seven years ago, I had just been hired by the Evil Banking Neighbor after six months of temping in the position I now hold. The future looked really bright - maybe not enough for shades, but a lot brighter than it had at any time since I'd gone east to work for digex in the summer of '97.

For the rest of this I had to refer back to my journals...

2. I was apparently wasting a lot of time on Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

3. I still wasn't dealing very well with diabetes. There was a lot of stuffing my face with things that weren't good for me.

4. Seven years ago I became aware that my wife had a short list of replacements in mind in case something happened to me.

5. In what may have been a case of Ironic ForeshadowingTM I read Allan Cole & Chris Bunch's Vortex, the last (AFAIK) Sten novel.

6. I was pretty involved in Space:Above and Beyond fandom, and in fact that's what got me back into attending local conventions - I went to Diversicon to pimp S:AAB and wound up going back for more over the next six years. This is the first year I didn't make it back.

7. I was having computer troubles...again. Some things never change.

The bottom line is that 1999 set the table for all the stuff that happened in 2000...but I never saw it coming.
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