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You see the signs, but you can't read

Well, yesterday went well - got most of the things done that I wanted to get done, with the exception of changing the music on the Carbon. That can wait for tonight.

Chez stuckintraffik is most impressive, with mail slots (or are they heating registers?) everywhere, a tandoori oven and gas grill in the back yard - which also features a ramp suitable for conversion into a half-pipe should the happy couple decide to take up skateboarding. The basement rec room is indeed every bit as spacious as we'd been told, and a bookshelf has already been placed hard by the Illegal Shower to facilitate leisurely perusal of RPG rulebooks during the daily ablution. A former owner also left a treasure trove of 80s classic vinyl albums, including many Mac Davis and Neil Diamond LPs and the fabulous Flashdance soundtrack. Hours of listening pleasure! But wait, there's more! Not only is the house hard by an MTC bus stop, it's also across the street from the American Legion! Can you say non-stop party action? After all this excitement it was almost a relief to decamp to the quiet pastures of the Box Shop, where we examined a number of the quad Xeon servers as well as the more conventional desktop and tower units. P bought herself a coil of Cat 5 cable and a gig stick, the latter of which was on sale for a quite reasonable $29.

After that, we parted company with and stuckintraffik and went off to collect jamestrainor for swimming, followed by dinner at the New Century, which was busier than I've seen it in quite some time. I was moderate in my consumption, doing in a plate of sushi, some dumplings and egg rolls, and a plate of extremely spicy Mongolian BBQ before calling it quits and heading home to drop P off before giving J. a lift back to his place. And that was Sunday.

Today looks like it's going to be tedious and slow at work; I may spend part of the day working on the reflections notebook for the adolescent psych course.
Tags: family drama, friends, teaching, work
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