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Too many options?

Woke really late today after being up until almost 0400 and still don't feel really up to speed. So much to do today, I'm sure some of it is going to fall through the cracks, but some things definitely have to be done: hitting the Box Shop, swimming, and picking up some bread at Cub.

I finished my excusezine for the collation yesterday but decided not to bother with it since it was late enough in the afternoon as it was...so P and I headed for the Wentworth Library. Very nice it was; luned and most of the rest of the in-town folks were there, and it was good to see them. We spent about an hour there before heading out to Stillwater for Daren's birthday party, but unfortunately the birthday boy was getting tired & verging on cranky at the end so there was no post-party socializing with tatsmaru and Patrick.

Then followed an expedition into the strip malls of Stillwater in pursuit of the brassiere for P's benefit, which landed us smack dab in the midst of Extreme Anglo White Land. OMFG, now I know what they mean by cultural diversity, or the lack thereof. After a suitable bra was obtained we did lunch at Chipotle and Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, where P collected lots of unwelcome attention but nobody got their arms broken so it was merely annoying.

Off to the work of the day, and to check out the new Chez stuckintraffik.
Tags: family drama, friends, the bush of fandom
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