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A pinup done in shades of blue

Busy, busy night last night, and it ended far too early. That's the way it goes sometimes...but I had fun, if not as much as I might have liked. First stop after work was The Drink for Laura's going-away party. The place was incredibly crowded (which shouldn't have surprised me - a bar during Happy Hour, even in Minneapolis, is going to be packed on a Friday) but I found it a little disturbing that almost all of the women (and quite a few of the men) didn't come up to my shoulder. Original plans had called for Laura to head out to Ichiban with P and I for sushi, but she decided there was too much blood in her alcohol level and that needed to be fixed, so P and I collected the truck from the Gaviidae ramp and headed down to hit the sushi bar.

Ichiban's sushi chefs were totally on last night, and I definitely got my $29 worth. I did in 35 plates of shrimp nigiri, tempura roll, Philly roll, unagi nigiri, caterpillar rolls and a few things I couldn't easily identify before the final tamago. I ordered a choya (which was actually for P) and as was perhaps inevitable, she drank most of it and I got loopy. Instant karma! Nonetheless we made it over to Midori's Floating World to wish thaadd a happy 29th, meet alisgray & yourdesertrose for the first time, and say hello to Omaha, unlikelylass, 433 and prostitutes. We couldn't stay long - I was stuffed and only had room for a cup of Midori's excellent oolong, while P was both tired and suffering from an excess of unfamiliar people. So we excused ourselves and left for home, where I went *thud* after reading the first couple of chapters of Vance's The Killing Machine. One of these days I need to pick up the omnibus collection of the Demon Princes novels. I don't know if they're my favorite Vance works, but they're pretty close to the top.

Today I need to pound out an excusezine for Stipple (collation is in an hour), swing by Crossroads so P can check them out, get to the collation (almost certainly late) and then head off to Stillwater where tatsmaru is throwing her son's second birthday party. Hard to believe the kid's only two; he makes Bronko Nagurski look like a wee tyke.
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