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You know that's all I ever need

Yeah, it's an iPod meme, ganked from Aaron Gleeman, who has apparently hit the big time and gotten a full-time writing gig, God bless him.

Basically, you pull up the first 50 songs in your iPod (or whatever it is you're spinning tunes on) and hang them out there for your friends to point fingers and laugh at. Me, I'm not about to rank on Aaron for his low musical tastes, except to say that I find his interest in gangsta rap appalling. Feel free to make fun of the list that follows:
1. Devo, "Satisfaction"
2. Jason & The Scorchers, "White Lies"
3. Jason & The Scorchers, "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (an awesome rave-up cover)
4. Rolling Stones, "Mixed Emotions"
5. Republica, "Picture Me"
6. Vince Giordano & His Nighthawks, "Flying Down To Rio"
7. U2, "The Fly"
8. Ultravox, "Life At Rainbow's End"
9. The Donnas, "Not The One"
10. Son Volt, "Ten Second News"
11. Jason & The Scorchers, "Last Time Around"
12. Adam Ant, "Desperate But Not Serious"
13. Phil Manzanera, "N-Shift"
14. Halford, "Resurrection"
15. Apollo 440, "Stop The Rock"
16. Joe Walsh, "All Night Laundry Mat Blues"
17. Phil Manzanera, "Remote Control"
18. Phil Manzanera, "Numbers"
19. Bruce Springsteen, "Dancing In The Dark"
20. AC/DC, "Heatseeker"
21. Bruce Springsteen, "Thunder Road"
22. Cracker, "Satisfy You"
23. Republica, "Faster Faster"
24. Lou Reed, "Heroin"
25. Cinderella, "Gypsy Road"
26. Dire Straits, "Water of Love"
27. Cracker, "Lonesome Johnny Blues"
28. Vince Giordano & His Nighthawks, "Cheek to Cheek"
29. Son Volt, "Way Down Watson"
30. Robert Palmer, "Every Kinda People"
31. Republica, "Wrapp"
32. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, "Not Fragile"
33. White Zombie, "Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag"
34. Devo, "Gates of Steel"
35. ZZ Top, "Got Me Under Pressure"
36. U2, "Where The Streets Have No Name"
37. Halford, "Cyber World"
38. Testament, "Signs of Chaos"
39. Roxy Music, "Love Is The Drug"
40. Lynch Mob, "Wicked Sensation"
41. Son Volt, "Out of the Picture"
42. Cake, "Opera Singer"
43. Peter Gabriel, "San Jacinto"
44. Roxy Music, "Pyjamarama"
45. Republica, "Out of the Darkness"
46. Vince Giordano & His Nighthawks, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"
47. Phil Manzanera, "Lagrima"
48. U2, "Lemon"
49. Peter Gabriel, "Come Talk To Me"
50. Republica, "Don't You Ever"

Cowpunk, metal, pop, art rock and big band. Suits me. :)
I could stand to go through the Carbon's playlist and dump some of the music that's become tedious (a lot of The Donnas and some of the other pop needs to go) while replacing it with inspirational music (?) from the Brothers Gee, the Who, and some Al Green. Mmmm, Al Green. You know that expression "the apple of one's eye"? He's the avocado of my ear. Smoooooth, hot and oh so tasty. Barry White wishes he could sound half as sexy.

So...what y'all playin' out there? I know you people have iPods and Winamps, so post your lists!

On an unrelated topic, I had almost forgotten that the Stipple-APA collation was tomorrow. Guess I'll have to take some time tonight and/or tomorrow morning to whip out a quick one.

Slept in late this morning after inadvertently tweaking the alarm clock so that it thought 0715 was actually 0615. WTF? Well, the extra sleep did me good, and since P and I were driving in anyway it was no big deal.
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