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It's a jam for the ladies and the gamers too

Julie Burchill rips her fellow Brits a new one. (Kate)

The Army hit its recruiting goals for the year. Strangely enough, this didn't make the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post the way the news about the Army not making its goals last year did. (Kate)

New Star Trek games coming soon. The one described by the article sounds like Starfleet Battles for the PC, which would be cool. In related news, Microsoft offers games design tools for Windows and XBox. This could be game, set and match in the console wars as Redmond equips an Army of Davids with enough slings and rocks to bury Sony and Nintendo.

The sad attractiveness of Jayne Mansfield. (Rachel)

Craigslist: Not just for apartment hunting any more. (Rachel)

Before Desperate Housewives, there was Peyton Place. Also, what does Mel Gibson have against the Brits? (Rachel)

This would be a really vile dead baby joke, except it's not a joke. (Rachel)
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