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They'll tell you black is really white

I'm thinking another cup of coffee might be in order right about now...been here at work for an hour and a half, and while I'm functional I don't really feel 100%. Part of that could be the antibiotics, part of that could be the tossing and turning last night. I got my six hours of sleep, but woke late and was confused by conflicting times shown on my watch, the alarm clock, the truck, my laptop, and the microwave - thought for sure we'd be late to the P&R this morning, but we made it there well before the bus.

Later this week after I get reimbursed for my AI mileage I think I'll invest some of that money in fighting back against the mechanical & electronic entropy that's afflicted me of late. A new watch battery, if nothing else...there's something really depressing about not being sure what time it is, and I'd like to clear that part of my life up, even if nothing else works quite right. Another possible expenditure if picking up one of the Compaq towers they have at the Box Shop and using that for a file server on the home network. I could do that for less than $50, especially if I can find where my Win2K Pro disk wandered off to....it'd be a lot cheaper than the external HD mounts stuckintraffik and I were looking at back before AI. We'll see.

UPDATE: And the first thing to be replaced will be my watch, which chose the day I replaced its battery to go toes-up. Bastard.

Part of what's on my mind relates to something that goes back quite a ways, back to the time when the marriage was in about as good a shape as it ever was, and it comes up as a result of my thinking about something one of my friends said this weekend. She was saying that she's seldom depressed because she works at being happy. "Life's too short," she says. I wonder if my problems with depression stem from the fact that I've spent most of my life working, learning stuff (the vast majority of which was not at all entertaining) and bashing away at fairly demanding entertainments like Civicrack and wargames, which require a lot of brain sweat and arguably just aren't really all that much fun. It's worth thinking about.
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