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Lazy Saturday

Not much happened today. Mostly I sat around fiddling with Civicrack until P and I went out to WalMart in Shakopee to return the Philips webcam I'd bought earlier in the week and get some cleaning equipment and some groceries.

Finished Forstchen & Gingrich's Never Call Retreat last night, and it was damn good. I'm going to go back and snag Gettysburg (though I already know how it comes out *snerk*) so that I have the complete set to reread at my leisure.

Tomorrow jamestrainor is coming over for swimming; the evening will be taken up with laundry and some schoolwork.

No music on at the moment; listening to the Glenn & Helen Show with Jim Dunnigan and Austin Bay discussing data mining as a counterterrorism weapon and the political consequences. Jim hasn't changed much since the days when he was the big macher at SPI - he sounds pretty much the same on the podcast as he did back in the day.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, foreign policy wonkery
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