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James Bowman ranks on the media's treatment of real-life heroes as opposed to fantasy heroes by way of expressing his unhappiness with United 93 and Oliver Stone's movie about 9/11 in New York. I think he may be right when talking about the media culture, but there's always been a big chunk of folks (and not just Southerners) who have always respected the "ordinary men" who stood up and did extraordinary things at Saratoga, New Orleans, Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, the Argonne, Bataan, Kasserine Pass, and hundreds of other blood-stained acres around the world. This also includes police and firemen at home who chose what my leadership instructors called "the hard right over the easy wrong", even when the right choice meant that you would certainly die in order that someone might live.

That's about all the deep thought I have in me for now. Work has come in a fairly steady drip drip drip throughout the day, but I've had some idle time here and there to look at the cost of living in various places around Virginia. It's anywhere from 15-37% cheaper than here, except for Charlottesville which is 1% more expensive; I suspect it's a lot higher than that in Alexandria, Fairfax County, and possibly Loudoun County. Also, none of the places I'm looking at are more than five hours' drive from the ancestral digs in Forest Heights. So, I signed up with a teachers' job site and will be plugging away at that tonight after I wrap up the much-delayed authentic assessment and send that off.

Also to be dealt with tonight is my property tax return, which can and will be submitted online. I would have had it all done yesterday, but unfortunately the return couldn't find its way out through the firewall, so I'll have to do it all over again at home. :(

Grant Comes East, by Forstchen and Gingrich, was good enough to keep me up until 0030 this morning and got me to go out and pick up a copy of the sequel, Never Call Retreat. So far, just as good.

Last but not least, jamestrainor found my other pair of sunglasses. Better late than never, I guess.


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Aug. 11th, 2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
Hmm... I think this guy is largely full of shit.

(And his line about there being 3 X-men moves (along with other superhero movies)that have come out since September 11th, but also noting that the first one came out in 2000 is akin to Michael Moore dragging the kid in the wheelchair up the stairs at K-Mart...)
Aug. 11th, 2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
Indeed. Within a very limited context he may be right, but as you say, he does play a little fast and loose with the facts in order to make his point, and that hurts his case.
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