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"Maybe he really is, master. The Spirit of Man, I mean."

The wisdom of Neil Gaiman concerning negative reviews. (Fandom Wank wiki)

I'm about as unmotivated as I was Tuesday, but somewhat less scattered (praise Ranbaxy for that sweet sweet healing touch of Clindamycin - Clinda the Good Witch? Never mind, I'm spouting drivel...) so I'm getting more work done.

Since I somehow had money left over after AI, I hit B&N with an "additional 15% off" coupon today and picked up Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates and also Grant Comes East by Forstchen and Gingrich. I'd been curious about the latter for a while, given that Forstchen's "Lost Regiment" series was good (if bloody) reading; besides, I'm a sucker for Civil War alternate histories anyway. I'm a few chapters into it and so far I'm very impressed - it has a feel to it very much like Bruce Catton's authentic histories, it does.
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