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Anime Iowa Day 1

Well, phoenixalpha, right as usual - I did not in fact get out of the house until about 10 AM, and had to make a couple of stops on my way out of town, with the end result being that I didn't get down to the Crowne Plaza in beautiful downtown (right next to all the glorious industrial food-processing plants) Cedar Rapids. Gas was over $3.10/gallon when I left town, but I figured half a tank would get me to Iowa and cheaper fuel, which it did, even though I took the shorter, scenic route down 52 to 63 to 218 to 380. Five hours on the road, including stops for fluid and lunch (since I forgot the lunch and pop I'd packed) and getting rid of fluids...tjstriker was already here, of course, and checked into the room reserved under stuckintraffik's name. Unfortunately this was up on the 9th floor, whereas the party room wound up on the 7th floor. Oh, well. We set up the Room Party Kit, broke for dinner at a local Chinese joint, and started a little before our announced time of 8 PM. Kept going until 0230, and now it is time for bed. *thud*
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