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The midweek monsoon

The rains came yesterday and put an end to the hideous August heat that arrived over the weekend, but it's a temporary break - we'll be back in the low 90s by the weekend. Of course, I won't care, since I'll be en route to Cedar Rapids...but in the meantime I still need to get things done. Today, since work is likely to be slow, will be spent revising the lesson and unit plans I was supposed to do last night before I fell over and went thud around 7:30. This should allow me to get them printed off and in the mail today, which is good because they're due tomorrow. Fortunately for me, the instructor lives in Richfield.

It looks like we'll have another couple of people helping out with the room party this weekend at AI, which is a Good Thing. Also good is the fact that AI's room party den mother (or whatever her title is) checked back with us about it and is making sure our rooms are relocated to the fourth floor. I'm glad she did, since I lost her e-mail address when the Deskpro died and forgot to ask the AI people I know how to get hold of her. (Not that it was my job anyway, for all that it looks like I'm getting stuck with it regardless. Grumble, grumble.) So on the one hand I may not have a room to myself, but on the other hand I may not have to pay for it either, and that too would be good, for I am a wombat of very limited resources these days.

Going to bed early (with no dinner save yogurt, since I ate hugely at lunch) caused me to rise around 0400 and then not be able to get back to sleep. I passed the time finishing The Tyrant, which is the one Raj Whitehall novel not written by Steve Stirling from David Drake's outlines; instead, it's written by Eric Flint. Flint's style of writing is different enough (and the main Center-affected character not being the protagonist may account for a lot of this) to give The Tyrant a very different feel from its predecessors, quite aside from the differences between the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Republic which make the situations so different. One of these days I'm going to have to take the time to track own and read the rest of the Drake/Flint collaborations in the Belisarius series, if for no other reason than to be able to compare the two series better.
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