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And now I have a shirt that goes splat

Yesterday seems like a largely wasted day. Not a lot of socializing, not a lot of work done in any sense, and at the end of it all (0300 Sunday) a lonely drive home in the kind of heat that reminds me all too much of summers down home.

It all started with the ATC Board meeting. There wasn't much actual business on the table - some desultory talk about the OMGWTFBBQ, financial stuff, and a general agreement to postpone discussion of philanthropy and charity until next month. The staff meeting was more of the same - a smidgen of actual business, including redmartel's heads-up to the assembled masses about budgets for next year and stuckintraffik announcing the division reorg for this year. Apparently we've been spending far too little for a non-profit and have to bulk that up a little, which sounds really odd to me, but then I've never really had much to do with non-profits before. tjstriker and I had a brief meeting about Anime Iowa afterwards...looks like it's going to be just us, Craig the Photographer, and whatever AD volunteer peeps show up down there. Just like the good old days, except without tokenfanboy, phoenixalpha and all.

Then P and I went back to the apartment and hung out after dropping jamestrainor off, I utterly failed to get off the Civicrack and got absolutely nothing productive accomplished. She didn't get around to saying she'd changed her mind about the Convergence Volunteer Party until about 2100, which is why I straggled over there so late. Hung out for a good long while, played a WW1 air combat game with 433 and tjstriker, watched some video of opening & closing ceremonies, and said hi to a lot of AD folks. Wound up the night listening to weasel_king and other folks tell theater disaster stories, and closed out the party as windelina desperately tried to unload a buttload of leftover party supplies...which I needed like a hole in the head. I'd already stuck too much of that into my gob that night.

Guess I'll go down and hit the pool. It's been about half an hour since I ate, and it's not like I plan on doing anything strenuous in the deep end anyway.
Tags: anime detour, convergence, domestic stuff
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