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This sounds familiar

In the comments to this post about the disconnect between Boomer elders and Tory youngsters, the discussion turns to the "cluebat moments" that turned former leftists into the proud Right Wing Death Beasts they are today. Lots of amusing (and some not so amusing) recollections among the snark.

localharbor writes: "Please, young man, please, won’t you share my hate? It’s all I have left." Bwahaha!

Me, I'm somewhere in the Pixy Misa ("I grew up reading Heinlein and hating hippies.") and Wronwright ("I still say the middle generation, the baby boomers, the chidren of the Sixties, owe [their parents] thanks and a heartfelt apology.") neighborhood...between watching the antiwar types mobbing the Pentagon calling my father and my uncles baby-killers, reading Heinlein starting in the fourth grade, and growing up Catholic in the Military Ordinariate, Falangist Libertarianism is as far left on the spectrum as I was ever comfortable with.

On an unrelated topic, Cobb negotiates the difficult terrain between Old School conservative blackness, the Republican Big Tent, and the social conservative movement as he comments approvingly on a Jimi Izrael smackdown of gay political types. At which point I have to trot out the obligatory disclaimer: I don't care who or what you do in bed, so long as you aren't doing it out in the street and scaring the children & Baptists. Odds are near certainty that if you're a friend of mine it has nothing whatsoever to do with your sexuality, and since those of you who are into the alternatives know I'm orthodox Catholic, I do appreciate you not making an issue of it. I return that appreciation by not giving you a hard time about it, because unless you claim to be Catholic it's really not my problem. You Protestants are all going to Hell anyway, so why sweat the small stuff?
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