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Maybe - this is what y'all need

Last night was largely wasted, since Some People got all excited about the farmers' market and forgot to save enough for bus fare home. This led to a post-rush hour drive to and from the library and an evening spent sullenly replaying the Rise of Rome scenario. Carthago delenda est! Ain't gonna happen without a buttload of galleys and catapults, though. Academic work largely postponed to Sunday, although I did file my FAFSA renewal this morning.

Anyway, that was last night. Today is payday, which means it's time to refill the gas tank, pick up the essentials of life at the grocery store, and maybe splurge a little on sushi and Megatokyo Volume 4, assuming that the downtown B&N has it in stock. That'll probably be all the excitement the day has to offer, since there's no sign of work on the horizon here at the Evil Banking Neighbor, and pretty much everyone I know is busy with gaming, housesitting, or getting ready to move. Saturday looks to be busy, what with an ATC Board meeting, an AD staff meeting, helping pkat and her roomies move (hopefully) and as a grand finale, the Convergence Volunteer Party.

The fantasy team is doing well, up to an undisputed 5th place in the standings this morning. I'm two points behind the fourth place team; we'll see how that works out.
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