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When it's going to come, you know I really couldn't say

I have never been very good at long-term planning. This will no doubt surprise jamestrainor and phoenixalpha somewhat, since they've been hearing me joke about my Cardboard Box Fund for about ten years now, but in reality I've never done well at improvisation or strategery. I'm a middle-range, operational kind of guy who can plan about a year ahead at best, and that's it. I think that's been part of my problem with this career change I've been working on. I've never set a deadline and said, "This is when I need to have all this done," so I haven't taken it really seriously. There have been a lot of times over the last few years when something else (for example AD and Convergence) has been a higher priority, which really is just stupid considering the amount of money I'm spending on this college thing. (More than $50,000, counting the money spent on the ill-fated MBA program at Cardinal Stritch.)

So I'm setting a deadline. Whether I have the MA finished or not, I want to have a teaching job in Virginia nailed down for the 2007-08 school year, whether that job is at TC Williams in Alexandria or at U/I Agricultural & Technical down on the North Carolina border or up in the mountains someplace. I want to have my Praxis II exams taken and all my methods courses done with, and all my decks cleared here so when the time comes I can just go. That means I'll be stepping back from a lot of things locally - not running for anything with ATC next spring, for example. My lease expires at the end of August next year, so that works out about as well as it possibly could. In the meantime, I need to live low, work my debt down, and take care of the academic business.

That means, among other things, that I'm going to lay off the Civicrack tonight, get some stuff up on eBay, and get some work done on those lesson plans that are due next week. Because if I don't pass that course and the Adolescent Psych course with at least a B, getting that teaching job is going to become a lot harder -there ain't no way St. Mary's is going to give me any kind of recommendation to teach anywhere if I flunk out of these.
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