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It's the software, stupid

So stuckintraffik and I were arguing about the Microsoft iPod killer a couple of months ago, and he bascally won the argument when he said Apple's big win with the iPod had less to do with the device itself than the whole iTunes music download system, which was the killer app for the iPod just as HALO was for the XBox. Well, lookee here. Apparently the Zune is going to have WiFi capability, and judging from the WaPo article the record companies have thrown in the towel on file sharing since they're not making horrified noises about people peeping at each others' Zune playlists and swapping music.

Worse news for Apple may be that the boys in Redmond are planning on leveraging the Zune with some social networking software a la MySpace, allowing people to build music communities that integrate with their Microsoft Media Centers and XBox 360s and presumably with their Windows Media Player software. I'm not writing off Apple by any means, but I daresay people aren't laughing so much at the idea of Microsoft horning in on the MP3 player market any more.
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