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Wasted time in Sicily

Instead of doing any of the things I needed to do last night, like renewing my FAFSA, working on the lesson plans I need to turn in for Social Studies Methods, or putting surplus medical gear on eBay, I wasted all of last night playing Civ3's Rise of Rome scenario. (It's hard out there for the SPQR.) On the plus side, I only sucked in 2500 calories yesterday, which is less than half of the 5500 FitDay says I'm burning, and that was pretty much average for the week. So I ought to see some weight dropping off this week when I weigh in; we'll see how that goes.

I did manage to register for next term, at least. The only thing that looked even remotely applicable was a course in Reading and Literature Methods. With my luck it'll be a K-5 course.

Got all the paperwork for the Adolescent Psych course on Friday. I'll have to do several short papers (reflections on chapter readings, mostly) and a long essay, but all of it will have to wait until I can get the text on Saturday. I have about a month to thrash on that before the term ends in September. No problem...assuming I lay off the Civicrack and get to work on all this academic stuff.

UPDATE: Well. I wasn't expecting to lose that much weight. Today's weight was 412.4, down 6.8 pounds from last week. I don't expect to lose that much weight every week, obviously, but this is kinda nice. Chances are good I'll be within spitting distance of 410 before Anime Iowa.

UPDATE 2: Again, big big thanks to willow_one, without whose helpful link to FitDay.com I almost certainly wouldn't have lost all this weight. w00t!