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The Chairman and the King throw down

Yeah, movie night, since I lack the energy to do anything else besides sit here with a slack jaw and stare at Cowzilla's shiny screen. Dragged out my DVD of Bubba Ho-Tep, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis as Elvis and JFK in an old folks' home fighting off an ancient evil. Anything else would ruin it for you; I'm just sorry I waited this long, because I've watched far, far worse movies since I bought this last year.

Second movie of the night was The Manchurian Candidate. Of course I watched the original! Frank Sinatra! Janet Leigh! KHIGH DHIEGH, baby! And ANGELA LANSBURY IS T3H 3V1L. I don't think even Elvis, JFK and The Chairman all together in one giant robot could have faced her down. Damn, this was a great movie.
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