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So that's how you say that in academic.

Well...the meeting with the new program director went okay, I guess. Much discussion of my many failed classes, academic probation, Dire Consequences, and all that happiness. Professor Hopkins didn't seem too fazed by the notion that I'd be shipping out for the Commonwealth on completion of the program, possibly without getting MN certification, perhaps because this is the long-term goal. In the short term I have to pass the Social Studies Methods class (third time lucky?) and the Adolescent Psych class. Lot of discussion of whether my health issues and scheduling problems were going to continue. It all boiled down to a twenty-minute lecture on the importance of getting my thumb out of my ass and showing St. Mary's that I can too be organized and communicate well with others, yo.

The drainage from the left leg has stopped and the leak in the right leg has almost healed over. Still feelign pretty damn tired and so have not been swimming at all this week. I've done some walking during breaks, but not all that much.

This weekend...I dunno. I really ought to get that last bookshelf put together, since it'll allow me to clear out a big part of the obstruction in the living room. I also need to do the assignments for the Social Studies Methods class and clear those off my to-do list, throw out garbage, and borrow a cooler so I can defrost the freezer, which has sprouted an assload of frost over the last month or so. Plus, the usual wild excitement of laundry sometime in there, though it may get punted to the middle of next week if the inertia continues.
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