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From D12 to 4-F

Which is pretty much the way I felt after I made it back to the truck. phoenixalpha and I went to the Diversicon meeting today, actually arriving early for once, and I handed over the six AD staff registrations to Eric. There might yet be 100 pre-registered for D12 by the 19th, which is the actual end of the $30 rate - so any of you otaku who think you might be interested in checking Diversicon out and getting in touch with your literary SF/fantasy side, drop by next Sunday's meeting and see me. Meeting lasted an excruciating two hours thanks to everybody and their sister putting their $0.02 in about the consuite; there was entirely too much discussion of what kind of bottled water to have on hand, provisions for Atkins dieters (Melody and I were both thinking FYFIF very loudly at this point) and food safety practices, the latter having been beaten to death until it splattered last year at the D11 postmortem. Aside from that, it looks like the dealer's room will be full and may even have Fast Food Anime there as a vendor. The T-shirts look much better in color than they did as a black & white sketch, and I am definitely going to pick one up when the convention rolls around.

After the D12 meeting we went back to the apartment briefly and then headed out to enjoy the day, deciding on the spur of the moment to head down to Big Woods State Park down by Nerstrand. The ex and I used to go down there quite a bit, since it's a ways out of the Twin Cities and has quite a few nice trails in amongst the huge old-growth trees. Unfortunately for me, I am much heavier than I was back then, and the 0.8 mile hike up and down the hills like to killed me. phoenixalpha was vastly amused, but then schadenfreude does tend to run in the family. We grabbed dinner at a drive-through Subway and made our way back home, unfortunately getting caught in the road destruction between Exits 66 and 76 which has traffic bottlenecked down to one lane in each direction until October. Gyahh. Well, I'm good and tired out now, so this would be a good time to lay me down and get some sleep reserves built up for the week ahead, since I have classes on Monday and Tuesday this week.

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