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Oh, Rockies!

Slept in later than I'd planned this morning, but that's all right - don't have to be in at the Sheraton until noonish, so I had time to get up, fart around on the computer for a bit, and make one last post before disappearing into the Gathering of the Tribes. :)

The Nationals sent Mike O'Connor -down to New Orleans so he could get some work in over the All-Star break. That's good; at first when i saw they'd sent him down I freaked and ranted greatly about the failure of Bowden and the front office to give the kids a chance. Glad I caught that. In the meantime, I replaced Mike with Jason Jennings of the Rockies, who's 6-6, 3.85 with 82 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.39. That's pretty damn good, especially for a Rockies pitcher. He's pitching against the Snakes tomorrow at Coors, which could be a disaster, but I really don't have anywhere to go with this pitching staff but up, and he's the least horrible of several options available in the FA pool at the moment - most of the rest are Mariners and the remainder are just plain bad starters with ERA and WHIP even worse than the 4.67/1.41 my team is sporting now.

At any rate, I'm still in seventh place this morning, one point out of sixth and four points out of fifth. There's not much of a spread in several categories like HR, runs, batting average, K, and wins, so if things break right for me I could be back in fifth by Monday, but I have to remember to take this a day at a time and not get too fired up/depressed over what happens on any given day.

Time to shower and start packing.
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