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No one knows this like I do

Well, how about that? Apparently even the failure to journal at all last week doesn't stop the relentless shedding of weight! Weighed in this morning at the Baker Building Weight Watchers office since my WW At Work session would have been yesterday and so was cancelled, and to my delight I am down to 415.8, which is a whole two pounds down from last week. True, this is almost two pounds more than I was carrying around at this time last year (not really sure about that since I had no weigh-in on this week last year) but still, it's PROGRESS.

I think the big change is due to the swimming and the fact that I'm really only eating one big meal a day. Whatever is happening, the important thing is to keep it happening...so I think I'll be packing my trunks for this weekend. God only knows when I'll actually have time to do any swimming, but I do want to get a couple of hours in sometime between the panels and the programming work.

Speaking of panels, I've been cudgeling my brain about this Politics of Fandom panel, which despite the name is really more about the greasy organizational stuff of putting together outfits like MNSTF, Misfits, and ATC. The problem is that once you've spouted the truism that all such organizations reflect the ideals and desires of the people putting them together, what else can you really say? Do us (me, kaustin, michaellee and FrankTC, whoever that is) all a favor: show up and ask questions, otherwise we're going to be up there tapdancing for 45 minutes and I don't think anyone wants to see that.
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