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Just half a point out

Well, despite screwing up and not having Scott Kazmir on the roster for his awesome start Monday, my fantasy team is in fifth place, half a point out of fourth. With Radke and O'Connor starting tomorrow, I have a good shot at fourth, since I'm tied with another team in ERA and WHIP, so we'll see how that works out.

In real life, the Nats are miserable and will have to suffer with the Worst GM Ever since the new owners are a bunch of idiots when it comes to baseball. On the other hand, the Twins are kicking much ass now that Bartlett is up from AAA (finally) playing short and an actual baseball player (as opposed to Tony Batista) is playing third. This of course does wonders for the defense and that in turn makes the pitchers look extra shiny. On the gripping hand, we're still nine games out of first behind the surprising Tigers. This is starting to remind me of 1988, when the Twins played really well and still finished second in the AL West behind the Oakland A's.
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