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Mexican election results

Michael Barone has a very good election night post dealing with Sunday's elections in Mexico over at the Real Clear Politics blog. If more MSM pundits wrote like this, we wouldn't need bloggers quite so badly.

There's also some good stuff at Gateway Pundit, Mark in Mexico, and Publius Pundit. (via Instapundit.)

Bottom line is that it's too close to call between Calderon (PAN, conservative) and Obrador (PRD, kinda sorta Chavista) with Madrazo (PRI, old and burnt kleptocrats) a distant third. How the mighty have fallen. Barone points out that while Calderon is probably a better candidate from an American point of view than Obrador, we've had a fair amount of (sometimes acrimonious) disagreement with the incumbent president, Fox, who is also a PAN-ista. Still, things are changing in Mexico - it wasn't that long ago that the PRI basically had the elections signed sealed and delivered months in advance, and the present system is a huge improvement.
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