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Gearing up

Looking really hard at my finances this morning, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that I overloaded my ass when I booked four nights at the Sheraton over Convergence weekend. Even with P splitting the cost of the room, it's going to be real tight until payday the following Friday. Ah, well. I can cover three nights and still eat, which is all I need to do. It's not like I normally spend much (if anything) in the dealers' room or the art show. I also reserved my duty shifts in programming, which just happen to coincide with the times I'm not actually on panels or sleeping.

I spent some time on Sunday hoovering out all the AD and ATC information I had on Cowzilla and my thumb drive and backing it all up to a ZIP disk. Too late for the stuff I had on the Deskpro's hard drives, but a lot of that is on the box at work, and today I'll start dragging it home on the thumb drive. I'll probably make copies for stuckintraffik and tatsmaru, since it's not a good idea for me to be the only one with this stuff. We don't really have institutional archives, but we really ought to, and this is a first step.

I felt weird about moving that stuff onto backup storage. I've been trying not to push people to do things (especially WRT the parent company) and doing my best just to lay back, relax, and let other people take charge. It's not as easy as I thought it would be, my natural sloth and indolence notwithstanding. This year is the first year that I've really been out of the loop as far as the convention and the parent company go, and while it's a relief not to have everyone constantly calling and e-mailing me, at the same time it makes me feel...disconnected. I suppose I don't have a lot of room to complain, since this was exactly what I'd been working towards for the last couple of years, but it still feels more than a little odd.

Currently reading: Poul Anderson's Flandry of Terra. I really need to take some time this week to put up that other bookshelf, unload the rest of the books from their boxes, and finish the inventory I started last fall.
Tags: anime detour, convergence, domestic stuff
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