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Saturday stuff

Set up the new nose hose last night, and it seems to work well enough although I think the pressure isn't set as high as on the old one...of course, since that one's been dropped a few times in the course of various local, regional and other trips it probably isn't on the same setting any more either. I think I'll put the old one on eBay - it's functional, if rather beaten up, and apparently there is a market for them among folks who want a spare for the lake cabin or whatever.

This morning I got the copy of Luxor on the laptop authorized and proceeded to waste the next two hours of my morning playing with that, after which I showered and headed over to jamestrainor's place. We went out to the New Century for lunch and then went back to his place, where we settled in to take a look at White Eagle Eastward, a game about the Russo-Polish War of 1920. It's a pretty simple game, but we badly missed the game errata, which would have answered the many questions we had about exactly how some of the game mechanics were supposed to work. (Just as well we eschewed the optional rules.) We played through four turns and I think we'll have another go at it sometime when we have more time - it runs 36 turns, less whatever turns the Polish/Soviet player can lop off through adroit bidding with Political Points.

We knocked off around 6 and I went home to change into swim trunks and get some exercise in, which I did for 30-40 minutes before heading back upstairs, and wasting more time on Luxor before giving my thumbs a rest and chatting with tatsmaru and RS over AIM. I was going to knock off and go to bed relatively early but I really ought to go out and pick up some stuff for breakfast like half & half.

No plans whatsoever for tomorrow - don't even have to do laundry, even. We'll see what develops, if anything.
Tags: family drama, medical stuff, wargames
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