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Into the weekend

Class last night was a little awkward, but the instructor accepted my apology for last summer's screwup and I think things will be okay...in spite of the fact that I'm going to miss both sessions of class next week on account of Convergence. I'd take the session before Anime Iowa off as well, but since that's the last session, skipping it would be a Bad Idea. There's only six of us in the section, the group work will go very quickly and we should wrap up every night by 8. Getting in there by 5 is going to be problematic, but I think I can make it work by taking a short lunch on Thursdays. We'll see how that works out.

Despite the early out from class and all the sleep last night, I felt pretty tired and went straight home to bed after having a small cup of ice cream to chase the evening drugs with. So of course on going to bed I fired up Cowzilla and engaged in a frenzy of OB tweaking...until 0030. Which explains why I'm sitting here slowly absorbing an iced coffee - I don't want to go facefirst into the kibo, and I still have another 90 minutes to go here. Then I get to drive home. Aaaaargh.

Went out to lunch today with the new admin Rachel, her predecessor Kristi, her co-admin Laura, and a bunch of other folks from the oversight section off at the other corner of the floor. Kind of a weird lunch - we went over to the M&S Grill, where I and most of the rest of the gang felt horribly underdressed (it's Casual Friday here, but M&S largely caters to a suit crowd, it seems) and I spent way too much money on a bowl of soup and a walleye sandwich. Not that they weren't good, mind you; I'm just not sure they were $25 worth of good including the tip. I will note that going out to lunch as one of only two men in a group of women greatly increases the chances that you're going to hear something that overflows your privacy buffers, especially if you are Old School in your attitudes toward locker room talk as I am. *shudder*

Most of the day has been spent working on non-work projects, primarily trying to make sense of the insanely wedged OB of the scenario I've been thrashing on for the last week. Apparently a lot of folks have laid down their keyboards for a long 4th of July weekend, because the blogosphere is pretty quiet today.
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