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A few links before class...

Tim Worstall on HM Government's attitude toward the majority of lviing holders of the Victoria Cross:
On that list fully a third are Gurkhas. The Ministry of Defense still insists that they should receive lesser pensions than other troops and the Home Office that those who serve should not have the right to live or work in the United Kingdom. God we are ruled by scum.


Speaking of the Llama Butchers, they're observing Rousseau's birthday with the appropriate respect:
Three things come to mind when I think of Rousseau:

First, for somebody with such a shockingly screwed up personal life, he seemed awfully assured in his belief that he could instruct others how to manage their own.

Second, all that blathering about "Noble Savages" is just so much nostalgie pour la boue, a nasty psychiatric condition tied to self-loathing. It's infuriating that so much of Western art, philosophy and politics should have been (and should continue to be) influenced by it.

Third, whenever somebody starts bloviating in earnest about the Perfectability of Mankind, it's time to run for it because a whole lot of people are going to wind up dead and a whole lot more are going to wish they were.

As you can tell, I'm no fan.


Via Jane Galt, Reihan Salam deals the decisive smackdown on Barbara Ehrenreich and her "debate" with Jason Furman over Wal-Mart. Some of Jane's commenters are even less complimentary.

Cobb thinks there's no future for the long-awaited black/brown alliance. He also has a lot to say about blackness and what it is in today's America, but those posts deserve more attention than I'm going to give them here.

GVDL applies a test for ADD to the media and his readers, accusing the MSM of helping spread the sickness. He also finds a lot of cool stuff in his Pajamas, wherein he is Editor.

Peggy Noonan got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, and has much eye-poking for Senator Clinton, the New York Times, and Baba Wawa. (Also see Lisa de Moraes' slagging of B-Wa, via Rachel) Ladies, you've been SERVED.

That's it. I'm outta here.
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