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Caffeine zombie, nosedive!

Drank entirely too much coffee yesterday morning after too little sleep the last few nights, with the result that by 1500 yesterday the mere thought of more coffee made me ill...and I crashed hard after getting home last night, taking my medicine and eating yogurt before becoming completely unconcho around 8 PM. No swimming, no dinner, nada, just ten hours of sleep which I apparently needed really badly.

This morning I'm feeling better. My fantasy baseball team has risen to sixth, no thanks to A's pitcher Joe Blanton who got pounded last night by the Pods and is now off the roster, replaced by the newly competent Carlos Silva. My replacement CPAP machine has come in at Apria, and with any luck I'll be able to run over to their St. Paul office during lunch and pick it up. I'll certainly have the slack in my work schedule for it, since I started at 0800 today - and will continue to do so for the next couple of months since my Social Studies Methods class (third time pays for all, he said hopefully) starts tonight. Not only is all that going well, but I dropped my malfunctioning Palm Zire in the parking ramp on the way to the elevator and it now works just fine. jariten's drama llama has been slain. Last but not least, P's willing to split my room at Convergence with me. So far today, everything's coming up roses.

I'm expecting the other shoe to drop any minute now...

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. Jim Baen has died.
Via qob.
Tags: baseball, domestic stuff, the bush of fandom
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