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Midweek linkagery

For once, I think the Soviets Russians have the right idea. See also this Jim Dunnigan article for previous Russian responses to Islamic terrorism; scroll down to 1985 and the kidnapped diplomats in Lebanon. (Instapundit)

Josh Trevino examines the parallels between today's Democratic netroots and the John Birch Society. (Instapundit)

No whitewalls for Iraqis. (Rachel)

Let the Cobbapalooza begin, but realize that the most important thing about soccer is not how great the game is but the fact that only people too uncoordinated to play baseball waste their time on it.

Privacy for me, but not for thee. Especially if thy name be Rush Limbaugh. Props to the ACLU for speaking up here. (Malkin)

Iowahawk reveals the first draft of Bill Keller's explanation of why his paper blew the cover of the very type of intel operation they themselves called for. Also, voting for Miss Hoosegow 2006 is underway, and don't miss his history of the Deuce.

I'm out of here.