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Worse than crack, or even anime

Despite going to bed early, once again I was up thrashing on the Invasion America scenario until after midnight, partly because I spent yesterday afternoon clicking my way through this page on globalsecurity.org and taking copious notes. Man, the Army sure has changed in the twelve years since I left...they've gone from having several divisions with "roundout" brigades from the National Guard to having three divisions composed entirely of NG brigades with only the division HQ, artillery and other support elements on active duty. Anyway, fiddling with the US order of battle ate several hours and kept me up until 0030. Stupid wombat!

Part of it was frustration at the Deskpro. According to P, the symptoms are those of the real (motherboard) death, but I'm going to get a second opinion before I head over to the Box Shop or some other local joint for a new mobo. For the next few months I think I'll just use Cowzilla as my main PC, which will keep me from staying up until all hours fiddling with wargames, watching DVDs and AMVs, and otherwise wasting time that could be better spent on sleeping.

Speaking of healthy activity, today's weigh-in went well - I dropped 2.4 of the 2.8 pounds I put on last week. More swimming shall ensue.
Tags: fat, military stuff, tech stuff, wargaming
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