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It's Monday, all right

Despite my best intentions I wound up thrashing on The Operational Art of War until 0200 this morning - there's an Invasion America lookalike whose order of battle is so broken it's not even remotely funny, and I'm fixing it. Anyway, in spite of getting only four hours of sleep this morning I bounced out of bed all bright-eyed and (relatively) bushy-tailed to the strains of the Trammps' "Disco Inferno", which the iPod clone at 104 Jack promptly followed with Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity". *shudder* Don't think I've reached for the kill switch on the clock radio that quickly in quite a while.

That was the high point of the morning, though. The Deskpro obstinately refused to boot up this morning, Cowzilla couldn't find the wireless network, and I ripped one of my older work shirts while getting dressed. :(

I can't complain about leaving early to catch the 7:20 576 into town, though, which I'm doing because P starts work at 8 and the bus connections are weird enough that she'd have to spend about an hour on the bus if I didn't haul her over to the Park & Ride. I got into work at the Evil Banking Neighbor at 8, futzed around reading webcomics and my mornign blog fix until 0830, and then got stuck into the work of the day. I'll probably take a break around 1000 to get coffee and see how my fantasy baseball team is doing. I suspect I may have picked up another point in the standings after Radke's performance yesterday.
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