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Inertia therapy

Well, with the exception of hauling P over to Chez stuckintraffik for Lauren's birthday party I stayed home and mostly horizontal yesterday. Caught up on surveys, dealt with e-mail and played around with The Operational Art of War.

I felt a lot better after sleeping in until 1030, and headed over to the AD staff meeting. Not much going on at this point, of course; some discussion of the Convergence room party and other stuff, but most departments are in a wait state until September and the new fiscal year. I think the post-meeting socializing actually went on for longer than the actual meeting. ^^

Probably do some swimming later and some grocery shopping, since P wants to brown-bag it; am going to try very very hard to get to bed early since I have a fair amount to do at work tomorrow and I don't want to be all feverish and slack-jawed like I was on Friday.