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Radke's back

Tony Armas went on the DL today, so since Brad Radke was still in the free agent pool I grabbed him. One of the nice changes in Yahoo! fantasy baseball this year is that they allow you to make roster changes up until game time, so since I woke early after a semi-restorative ten hours of sleep, I snapped him up in time to take advantage of his start against the Cubs today. Here's hoping he pitches well and gets lots of run support, especially from Mauer and Cuddyer. ^^

While picking up prescription refills on the way home yesterday I also stocked up on tape, since I have oodles of non-stick pads and sponges. I'm still mildly feverish but there's no swelling or redness in the legs, so that's good. Still, going to play it safe today and catch some more rack time. Better safe than sorry.

UPDATE Well, so much for that happy thought. Not only do I not get Radke today (could be good, could be hideous) I'm missing out on Mike O'Connor making the hated Orioles look like the inept fools they are, since Yahoo didn't list him as a starter for today. Dammit.
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