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OK, this is just...

...weird where it isn't completely unlikely. Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. texas score: 5
2. johnny cash score: 5
3. guitars score: 4
4. tom waits score: 4
5. bob dylan score: 4
6. alt.country score: 3
7. van morrison score: 3
8. the cure score: 3
9. ryan adams score: 3
10. history score: 3
11. cats score: 3
12. kevin smith score: 3
13. jazz score: 3
14. blues score: 3
15. velvet underground score: 3
16. nirvana score: 3
17. ska score: 3
18. beatles score: 3
19. charles bukowski score: 3
20. organic gardening score: 2
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coded by ixwin
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#1 and #2 are dead on, but #3, #4, and 5 are way off base and I positively loathe #7. Cats I can take or leave alone (much prefer dogs) and as far as jazz goes, I like the modern stuff as background music and that's it. (Who's Kevin Smith?) The blues, I don't need any more of than I already get from James McMurtry, Peter Gabriel, Jason & The Scorchers, and U2. Velvet Underground? Rather listen to Lou Reed solo, thanks. Nirvana? *laughs maniacally* Most overrated musical act in America until Tupac Shakur got wasted. As for ska, I've heard exactly two songs that don't make me want to throw the CD player out the window: "Our House" and "Knock On Wood". The Beatles? Most overrated band until the advent of Nirvana. (Okay, maybe I'm biased on account of the ex being such a unregenerate Beatlemaniac. So sue me.) Charles Bukowski I don't know from T.S. Eliot; my taste in poetry tends to run to Rudyard Kipling. As for organic gardening, you have to be kidding me. I hate yardwork unless somebody else is doing it.

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