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The victims of Dr. Feelgood

I've been having a disagreement with one of my fellow apahackers regarding Grutter v. Bollinger, the recent Supreme Court case that held race-based affirmative action at the University of Michigan law school was A-OK if race was used as "just one of the factors". The crux of the disagreement is my contention that the RBAA is there mainly to make U. Mich. administrators feel good about themselves rather than to do any actual good to minority students; in fact, it dumps said minority students into the deep end of the pool and increases the chances that they're going to fail, whereas if they'd gone to a school with their peers (as measured by the SAT, GRE and LSAT) they might have succeeded and gone on to successful careers. Professor Bainbridge reports that UCLA law school professor Richard Sander testified before the US Civil Rights Commission that this is exactly what's going on, and has beaucoup statistics at his website to support his testimony. Good to see someone wasn't scared off by the PC types from doing much-needed research.
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