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Belated celebration

phoenixalpha got her deposit for the duplex back Monday, and offered to treat me to a late Father's Day dinner. I dithered for most of the day about where to go; fortunately, it was Tuesday, which I've been treating as a day off the diet. We wound up going to the Mystic Lake Casino, mainly because Grand Casino Hinckley is so damn far away and their Asian Buffet Night wasn't until Wednesday, and as usual it was very good. I ate fairly moderately, which is to say not to the point of bloatation, and we headed home by way of the Shakopee WalMart, which has finished its remodeling and now has a grocery section the size of a major chain supermarket - you folks in the hometown, think a Super Giant or a Wegman's. This place has a deli counter, a sizable produce section, and an organic foods department. Yeah, organics at Wal-Mart, WTF? Anyway, the drive was long enough for us to hear most of the Twins' comeback win over the Astros (which boosted my fantasy team into seventh) so it was a good evening on all counts.

Yesterday's weigh-in didn't go so well, mainly because I was a pig at Claycon and ate way too many chips and Igor bars (to say nothing of the potato salad and nuts) but also because I was a dolt and forgot to take my wallet out of my pocket. So I don't feel quite so bad about the apparent 3.2 pounds I gained.

Still kind of tired today despite getting good sleep last night and Monday night.

Currently reading: This Time Let's Not Eat The Bones, by Bill James. It's a collection of essays and other short pieces culled from the Bill James Baseball Abstract, which launched his career as a baseball writer and made "sabermetrician" a household word - in households where baseball was taken seriously, anyway.
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