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Entropy 3, Wombat 0

This morning's getting off to a rough start. First the zipper on one of my stockings blows out, then I find out the digitizer on my Palm has picked this morning to die, and finally, I find out the copy of Palm Desktop I installed on my workstation here at the Evil Banking Neighbor no longer works. So now I have a buttload of scheduling and address data locked up in my malfunctioning handheld and my unccooperative software. Yee-ha.

At least yesterday went fairly well. Woke late, farted around for most of the afternoon cleaning out my inbox and playing Luxor, then went out to do laundry and take care of some minor errands before heading back over to Clay's for some UT fragging. I got fragged a lot, because I suck at UT even worse than I do at HALO. Hard to believe, I know, but there it is. Sucked down some more diet Coke, enjoyed beefy grilled burger goodness and some potato salad, and went home around 2330 only to discover on arriving home that I'd left my vest over at Clay's. Duh. So back to Clay's I went, stopping at Walgreen's along the way to pick up the prescription I'd forgotten -it was my night for memory leaks, evidently. All missions finally having been accomplished, I poked around online some more before finally wobbling off to bed at 0130.

Your Monday morning linkagery:
Bill Whittle reminds us that the map is not the territory.
Tom Maguire introduces a new musical based on the strategic vision of John Murtha: Okinawa!
(Via Instapundit; Whittle link via Protein Wisdom.)
Professor Althouse has potato.
Finally, Piro lets Kimiko know that he won't be used as her punching bag.
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