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Old bonds

So yesterday I accomplished absolutely nothing constructive, but that was okay - sometimes you need a lot of down time, and yesterday was definitely one of those days. Fortunately for me, my friend Clay Harris was throwing his annual house party, so it was off to his place after making myself presentable.

Clay's been active in local fandom for years, and hits pretty much every SF convention within eight hours' drive, so he has a pretty eclectic collection of friends. A couple of them, as it happens, are guys I was in the 523rd ASA Company with back in the day, and it bothered me that I hadn't gotten contact info from them last year. This year I managed to do that, so since we're all gamers (what a surprise) we'll probably be getting together for some of that and catching up on the last 20 years. Funny how you can fall out of touch so easily with people even when you're living in the same town, isn't it?

So anyway...much food was eaten, much pop was drunk, vicious games of Zar were played, occasional rumbles from the Unreal Tournament frag session in the basement were heard, and finally the remaining handful of us watched Serenity. It was all good, and I didn't leave until 0730 Sunday morning which means my sleep cycle is pretty thoroughly upgefuckt. That's okay, though. It was worth it. Today, I think I'm going to do some laundry and clean up this place a little, but first I need to do a little financial microplanning and thwackery.
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