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Friday night with Bruce

Maybe I should have gone out for salad last night, but frankly, I wasn't in the mood to do anything except fart around on the computer and maybe watch a couple of movies on the laptop. Which is what I wound up doing.

I saw The Last Boy Scout many years ago on the TV, long enough ago that I forgot Halle Berry was in it as the dancer who gets killed off about twenty minutes into the action. It's a good "Lethal Weapon" kind of buddy flick, and the team of Joel Silver/Tony Scott does a good job of fleshing out the characters of Bruce Willis' seedy PI and Damon Wayans' prematurely washed-up football star. Lots of action, lots of wisecracks; a good B-movie, all in all.

As for Last Man Standing, well, this story never gets old. I have the Clint Eastwood version (Fistful of Dollars) and will acquire the Toshiro Mifune version (Yojimbo) one of these days, but this version is pretty neat, not just because in has Christopher Walken but because one of the gang leaders is David Patrick Kelly, playing a grown-up version of Luther from The Warriors. Mmmm, two crazies in one gang. You know that won't end well. ^_^

Anything constructive that was originally tentatively scheduled for today has been blown off and postponed until tomorrow. It's Saturday, damn it, and I'm feeling social.
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